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Eli’s innovation in the micro-EV sector has been proudly featured in:

Eli's investment opportunity by the numbers

Crowdfunding Momentum

We raised nearly $4M through equity crowdfunding across our three campaigns, including the current one, which is still open and accepting investments.

Untapped Growth Opportunities

The electric vehicle industry is booming, and the micro-EV market is an even more promising segment. According to McKinsey, it’s projected to reach $100B by 2030—and Eli is poised to be a major global player.

Growing Community

Over 3000+ investors support Eli’s mission, acknowledge our remarkable successes, and recognize the company’s potential as a force in the micro-EV sector.

Rapid Global Expansion

We've partnered with established distributors internationally and have already hit the streets in 7 countries (and climbing)—Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Estonia and French Polynesia. The first vehicles in the U.S. are set to be delivered later this year.

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